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Wholesale Terms and Condition:

Minimum Order

The minimal order is THREE.You can either choose the same style or different styles.Please send email to quinceaneradressmall@gmail.com to get the final quotation!

Retail Support

We support our retailers to help the customers who come into their shop.We find that a lot of customers would really like a dress that is their own design. We can customize the dress for them!.

Have Your Own Collection

If you can't find a design you want in our collection, them you can email photos of your design to us, we will quote reasonable price for you!

Normal Discount

3-5 pieces      5% OFF

6-15 pieces    10% OFF

16-30 pieces   15% OFF
31-45 pieces   20% 

46-60 pieces    25% 

61-100 pieces  30% OFF

we also give discount to customer who buy items one-by-one, if the amount is more than $600 one month. You will become our wholesale customer automatically. We will give you the discount as a wholesaler for the next purchase!


Suggestion to wholesaler:

To make sure the product you received would meet your expectation, we would suggest you to order one dress as a trial, if you are satisfied with the quality, you can go ahead and order the rest!

please let us know if you have any other questions.

Contact email: quinceaneradressmall@gmail.com

Tel: +(1) 618 328 3288



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